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Derech Halimud


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Posted 04 August 2013 - 10:43 AM

I'm looking for specifics on the Satmer Derech Halimud (a.k.a. the sugya, Chasam Sofer, Breuer's, Ashkenaz, Hungarian derachim). What would be a step by step learning procedure for this method, from learning pashut pshat through halacha Le'maaseh? 
I wish I could hear this type of shiur. Do you anyone who gives this type of shiur? I could possibly find one on the Internet.
Could I find an example in print, as in the Satmer Rebbe's seforim which are online or from the Chasam Sofer?

This is what Rav Shapiro answered me by email so far:


What you call the Hungarian Derech HaLimud is not really exclusively Hungarian (as you heard what the Satmar Rebbe told me), and the shiurim are generally not going to go through halachha lmaaseh, but the derech halimud does. The Satmar Rebbe's shiurim, some of them, are printed in a sefer called קונטרס חידושי סוגיות which I doubt you can get online.  The quintessential sefer that exemplifies this Derech is the Bais Yitzchok on Megilah.
The Chofetz Chaim, for one, used to learn Sugyos from the Pesukim till L'Maaseh. There are people who learn like that today - and you can do so regardless of the derech halimud. 

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