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Thank You

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Posted 13 September 2013 - 06:02 AM

To my Father who always watches over me, and always cares;

It's almost Yom Kippur,
And my mind wanders back
To this time last year,
There's lots to add and subtract.

So much has taken place
In these 365 days that flew
Be it tragedy or joy
All I want is to thank You!!

You've been there through it all,
The rough spots and the smooth,
Your belief in me has paved the way
To bringing me back to You.

Thank You for the difficult times
Those nights I thought were my last
Thank you for the engulfing guilt
And the pain that wouldn't pass.

Thank You for empowering me
For believing in me more than I did
For showing me that I would get here
Despite being misguided.

Thank you for a caring family
And friends who add some spice
And thank you for those people
Who know how to be nice.

Thank You for letting me thank You
For opening my heart to let You in
Thank You for Your trust in me,
You knew I would return.

Now please as these days end
And Your presence seems to fade,
Please don't let go of my hand
I plead with You to stay.

Please continue to support me
In the ups and downs that appear
And may I only have to be grateful
For happy reasons this year.

Thank You.