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Posted 04 December 2013 - 10:53 PM

Churning emotions, roiling inside

Feelings I can’t squelch if I tried

An ache filling my heart and chest

Voices and thoughts that drown out the rest


A burst of emotion breaks through my door

A feeling that I’ve never felt before

And within a thousand thoughts that race

Tears flow, roll slowly down my face


My heart constricts at the worlds pain

My soul aches for things I cannot explain

Tears fall for the people out there

Who fight alone, with no one to care


The people whose suffering hides within

That battle their lives with no hope to win

Whose pain run deeper than they ever can say

Caught up in a world and can’t run away


I cry for a place I could’ve been caught

And the people now there that will never be taught

I cry for my tears cannot touch their hearts

That my tears cannot mend what they’ve broken apart


And somewhere I know that up there too

There’s a Father knowing just what to do

He’s pulling the strings attached to our souls

And knowing one day we’ll all become whole