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#1 Morgenstern



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Posted 25 December 2013 - 05:13 PM

Hello family.

Over the years I discovered a truth about my self:Im unintelligent. Ok, Im not dumb as a rock, but Im not very sharp at the same time. Something else I learned are that Jews are the smartest group of people in the world. So, Im the not-so-smart-person among really smart people.

How do I get over this. I contemplated getting into literture but then I thought "Naw thatll just make me into a snob." So pretty much Im dealing with my own dullness of mind, along with my inability to interact with other human beings and I dont know what to do about this mess because I have this covenant with G-d that is really important.

#2 upescalator



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Posted 14 January 2014 - 01:08 AM

Hi Matityahu!


My rebbi often impressed upon me that "every person has a personal chelek in Torah which no one else can take away". Our problem isn't that we were somehow left out of the loop and never got our own chelek in Torah, our problem is that we may not have found our chelek yet.


That said, I think perhaps you're judging your insides versus other people's outsides, meaning that you see your own insides which seems to be an unintelligent person, and it also seems to you that everyone is super smart - however, you can't really see their insides. My rebbi once said that a person shouldn't judge himself versus others but rather as himself vs Hashem!


Just keep on working on your avodas Hashem - your own chelek in torah - I've followed several of your posts here on JewsWithQuestions and I recognize that you're a really special person, just keep your "covenant with G-d" important to you and believe me you'll come out ahead! Tried (by myself) and true!