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Posted 26 December 2013 - 11:26 PM

My question is about the concept of "time". ...... 


I read a passage from R. Dessler. He is discussing the "illusion" of time, that time doesn't really exist. He even says that after 120, a person will be able to experience what life beyond the illusion of time feels like. What I understood is that the neshama is not part of creation and therefore when left "on its own" it perceives reality in the truest sense, ..... without the illusion of time interfearing.


My question was as follows: Is there a deeper reason as to why, when you meet a friend after not seeing each other or maybe even speaking to each other for a while, when you meet you can just pick up conversation and feeling as if you saw him yesterday.


I wondered if that had anything to do with this concept of the neshama, meaning: Because that emotion or connection is deeper, more spiritual, is it possible that one does not feel as though much time has elapsed because on the soul level no time has elapsed because there is no time--- and the person can pick up right where they left off?


Your thoughts would be valueable and appreciated.


thank you