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So Im Bt, And I Just Got Around To Putting A Filter On My Internet

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Posted 24 April 2015 - 01:14 AM

So let me tell you some backstory:

im from one of these "traditional" Iranian families. My mom is very frum, she believes in Yiddishkite 110 percent, except, because of the way she grew up, she isnt makpid on alot of halachich issues and suffers from severe ignorance of Judaism, even she is mkabbel whatever a Rav tells her panim l'panim....something that baffles me about her that I will never understand is that she actually married a non-Jew (my father), though he is a very nice man who doesn't get in the way of my Torah observance B''H.

As a child, I saw this episode of the Simpsons (Im assuming most people on this site dont know what the Simpsons is) that featured a Chassidishe Rav as a character-of-the-week. I remember falling in love with him and wanting to wear his clothes and earn his and his community's respect. That was my hashkafah regarding frum Jews, though, probably because of the timtum halev induced by my diet, I never thought of searching deeper. Such is life.

I grow up, after high school I seriously look into frumkite. I had done NCSY and Chabad, but in my heart I felt they were "just missing something" (which they were and still are).

Anyway, that was when I was eighteen, and Im twenty-two now. I still have a very long and lonely road ahead of me. I would like for people to pray for me (Matityahu ben Rivkah)......oh and tonight, on the 20th day of the counting of the omer, I installed internet filters on my computer and smartphone. Is there anything I should know that will aid me in living this lifestyle? Any divrei chizuk anyone want to leave me with so I don't feel so shut out in the cold, as is the norm in my life where Im constantly straddling between two worlds where I don't really fit in one or the other,.