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A Few More Poems

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Posted 19 May 2015 - 11:05 PM

The ones I posted before I like the best, but these are some more I've written:


A time is coming, when there’ll be no more lament.

No anguish, no sadness, only content.

Our תפילות  will we present,

To send משיח may He soon consent,

In our אמונה, we wont let there be a dent,

Soon אליהו will have already been sent *

In Hashem’s promise we are confident.

השבנו ה'', we will repent,

Among us מחלוקת we will prevent,

In our hearts, one another we will no longer resent.

Two thousand years in pain, so long to be spent;

He will reveal  what He truly meant,

To all those who kept his covenant.


*Reference to old Yiddish lullaby ‘az moshiach vet shoin kumen’


It was the height of the yavanim’s conquest.

They welcomed us to be their welcomed guest,

‘of but your ridged religion must you divest,

Let’s all be one people, those from the east, and those from the west,

We all seek חכמה, why must you protest?

We’ll show you the light; our culture you’ll no longer detest,

Those who refuse…you’ll be happy if we arrest’.

The persecution spread, a fearsome tempest.

It was then that Matisyohu stood up to the test,

‘Until Torah is safe, I shall have no rest,

We’ll continue to serve Hashem, with zeal and with zest!’

מי לה'' אלי, they came at his behest,

Few and untrained, quite far from the best.

To the Yavanim they appeared a laughable jest,

‘We’ll make short work of this little pest!’

רבים ביד מעטים, against Hashem there’s no contest.


Not fooled by nature, not scared by awesome might,

With hearts filled with emunah, they went to the fight.

They brought an end to the darkest night*,

As Hashem saved us from our spiritual plight,

8 days of אור, pristine, holy and bright,

To show that not all can be understood by sight,

This we learn, from chanukah’s light.


*Chazal say ‘choshech, zeh yavan’



A circle doesn’t begin, and it does not stop,

We dance as one, from left to right, and from bottom to stop,

A circle is forever; we don’t flip-flop,

Not one among us will we ever drop.


Spinning ‘round and round,

חתן דומה למלךThe king has been crowned,

 ,השמחה במעונו  the יצר הרע  is not around,

A little closer toשמים , we jump off the ground*,

עוד ישמע, can you hear the sound?

בערי יהודה ,  our favor will soon be found

 ,ובחוצות ירושליםWith Hashem we’ll be bound**.


*chassidishe seforim say that the inyan of jumping while dancing is to reach a tefach higher towards shomayim.

** Klal yisroel is called the kallah of Hashem throughout Tanakh;  we ‘married’ Hashem, etc..



Have trust in Hashem, you’ll soon see the effect,

He’ll help you in ways that you’d never suspect,

Looking back, all the dots you will connect

הצור תמים פעלו, His ways are always correct,

He will guide you erect,

If your will to His, should you subject,

You’ll see wonders from the world’s Architect,

If the מדה of בטחון, you will perfect.

A content and happy life can you expect,

If only to trust in Hashem, should you elect.