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When can I choose?

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#1 Guest_Chelsea_*

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Posted 16 November 2011 - 01:32 PM

At what age are you allowed to choose for myself what I think is tznius and what I want to ware?

#2 SilverShoes



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Posted 16 November 2011 - 08:04 PM

You need to follow the tznius rules in the torah.

#3 taon



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Posted 22 November 2011 - 04:04 PM

Do you mean beyond Halachic rules and family/community rules?

#4 shifpifer1



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Posted 23 November 2011 - 06:40 PM

How is our generation supposed to poskin for Halachos on Tznius? Because one garment will be tznius, but then compared to the next one it will be not and then this person will not wear it in Bnei Brak b/c a Rabbi there Ussered it, but the person who lives "out of town" dresses so refined for her community... and on and on. So how r we supposed to KNOW this? its not like Shabbos where basically most people (or supposed to) keep the halachos b/c they are more clear. And like, what rabbi is saying it is okay for a girl to show her elbows and only a certain amount and hair showing ect? Like there are no SOURCES, so that means people are doing AVEYROS. b/c their not following the Torah! okay so maybe that goes in the different types of orthodox, but does anyone catch my drift? like how am I supposed to know for myself? like what types of shirts to wear? cuz then if i do what everyone else does then im a follower. this is kind of an overwhelming post, but ideas are welcome.

#5 SmileySimcha123



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Posted 04 December 2011 - 06:20 PM

I don't think you can ever change them........

#6 chocolatemilk



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Posted 26 January 2012 - 10:28 PM

I go to a bais yaakov school as you said "out of town". I believe tha basic halachos are to cover elbows, collarbone (beware, collarbones are pretty high, so make sure your are covered), and knees (at all times!!!!tt with some skirts you may need 4 whole additional inches to ensure its always covered). Don't wear tight shirts or skirts. This is halacha but is harder to define than knees, elbows, etc. Socks length really does depend on town. In my city, there is no set minhag but my school tells us its our job to all cover our whole legs and turn it into the mihag hamakom.

THose are the halachos, no what you "decide". As for sensitivites, work on yourself and strive for the best you can be!!! :)