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נהמא דכסופא Explained

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Posted 22 April 2011 - 03:55 PM

One may ask, if the whole point of this world is just a tool to get Olam Haba, then why notstart in olam habah to begin with. The answer I have heard numerous times is because Hashem is the biggest baal rachamim and he wants us to appreciate olam habah to the fullest degree. therefore, if we were placed in olam habah immediately we wouldn’t enjoy it as much since we got it without work. one only truly enjoys something after putting effort into it and now after toiling in this world one will reap the reward in the world to come. this is Hashem’s mercy.But my question is, since Hashem is Kol Yochol, why can’t He just take away our embarrassment and let us enjoy everything in Olam Haba?If this is true, I don’ tunderstand the need for this world?

(1) Had Hashem done what you suggest – put you straight into Gan Eden without your having earned it, then after one hundred twenty years you would come to Hashem and say, “Hashem, who deserves more reward – someone who didn’t do anything to earn it, or someone who worked hard for it?”

“L’fum tzaara agra,” Hashem will say. Of course someone who works harder deserves more. It’s a Torah principle, it’s emes, it’ssimple yoshor and tzedek.

“If so,” you could then claim, “Why didn’t You give me a chance to earn my Olam Habah, and then I would deserve even more?”

And you would be right.

Therefore if G-d wants to give us the maximum possible reward it is not possible to give it to people who have not achieved it. Since the maximum is the reward G-d is bestowing, it is not possible to bestow the reward in such a way that you could have had more . The maximum means there would be no way to have more. Therefore, He cannot give you the maximum without earning it.

(2) G-d cannot make another G-d. And since the ultimate, maximum reward is connecting to Hashem and enjoying His Perfection, you can only connect to G-d through the method of your Neshoma (which is a part of G-d) connecting to the Torah (which is the expression ofG-d) - Yisroel V'Oraisa V'Kudsha Brich Hu Chad Hu. And the Torah could not have been any different, just as G-d could not have been any different - there is only one version of perfection. Therefore, in order to get the maximum reward possible - that is, connection to Hashem - you must fulfill the Torah. And theTorah works through the system of Justice and L’fum Tzaarah Agra.

The Nahamah d'kisufa concept needs to be understood with the above background.

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