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An understanding message

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Posted 02 February 2012 - 04:51 PM

I wanted to repost what I wrote on the other board

Many times, a teen feels that they are being stifiled and they want to break free.
It happens that sometimes people around us don't understand what someone is going through. And the message that people try to impart doesn't go through when one is hurting inside.
Yes the community can be difficult sometimes. However, there is someone who cares. We here care.

And so here's a tip for anyone is this situation. When you have some free time, like at night maybe, try to clear your mind and focus for a few minutes on looking inside you.
You can make a personal prayer and ask Hashem to help you feel a connection to Him and keep working on this.

Plus, find someone to talk to help you spiritually strenghthen yourself
I wish you all the best

Remember that challenges don't disappear overnight but might take some time. However, with effort and patience, we can overcome them, IY'H
What's helpful is to find a friend or mentor that can give good support