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Posted 26 February 2012 - 01:20 AM

a quote from r' wallerstien
wat he tells people hu don't see tht Hashem loves thm...............

Did u ever see a sunrise

its quite a sight

worth waking up at the crack of dawn

the transition from darkness to light

the colors are so vibrant

all those gorgeous hues

the sun peeking out from below the clouds

shining beauty on all in its path

the darkness of night slowly fades

leaving a morning sun in its stead

a wave a pink

a dash of purple

the colors blend and fade

the work of an artist every day

the huge orange-yellow sun begins to fill the sky

a warm good morning hug

its rays seem to wink at me

as they rise above the mist

the blinding light so gently sets in

smiling at me in the big blue morning sky

Why did Hashem create a sunrise?

the reason is He loves us!

wen a light switch is turned on after being in a blackened room
it can be a bit uncomfortable as we adjust
we blink to accustom are eyes to the light

therefore He created this beautiful transition
Hashem it not want the human population to have to BLINK

(and btw, blinking is the EASIEST thing a person can do
it takes less muscle than even breathing!)

How can u doubt His love???