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longing for moshiach

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#1 miamigirl



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Posted 21 March 2012 - 11:01 PM

I find it really hard to daven and long for Moshiach if once he comes I wont get reward for doing mitzvos anymore. It's not like I don't want him to come because I don't want to leave everything, it's just that I'm nowhere near perfect and I'm trying to grow and I don't want the little I have now to be all I have forever.
Um, I don't know how clear that was, but if someone could please help I'd really appreciate it.

#2 Rabbi Shapiro

Rabbi Shapiro


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Posted 09 April 2012 - 08:42 PM

Don't worry. Your being worried about Moshiach's coming is not only normal, it's praiseworthy.

Rav Shimon Schwab ZTL once wrote an article describing a Shabbos he spent with the Chofetz Chaim. He said that the Chofetz Chaim closed his eyes, and with great concentration announced, "You think that when Moshiach comes everyone will be happy? No! there will be those that will be running for cover! it will be Yom hadin (day of judgment). Are we worthy? Who will be worthy when Moshiach comes?"

The great Polish Rebbe, Rav Yaakov Shapiro of Blendev ZTL once heard from his father the Mouglinitzer Rebbe ZTL that Moshiach may come soon. He got so scared that perhaps he is not worthy that he fell ill and could not recover for weeks.

It's true that when Moshiach comes it will be the "day that is always Shabbos." But it's also true that "He who prepares on Erev Shabbos will have what to eat on Shabbos."

Now it's Erev Shabbos.

So it's OK to worry about the fact that the final Shabbos is around the corner. The question now becomes, "So why am I praying for Moshiach?"

The answer is, when Moshiach comes, so long as we have the minimal merits that enable us to be there, we will be living the best life in the world, serving Hashem without interference. Our free-will be be like that of Adam before the sin. All the Truths of the Cosmos will be revealed, כִּי מָלְאָה הָאָרֶץ דֵּעָה אֶת ה'. In other words, it will be a great improvement in our lives. As the Rambam says:

רמב"ם יד החזקה הלכות תשובה פרק ט
(ב) ומפני זה נתאוו כל ישראל נביאיהם וחכמיהם לימות המשיח כדי שינוחו ממלכיות שאינן מניחות להן לעסוק בתורה ובמצות כהוגן וימצאו להם מרגוע וירבו בחכמה כדי שיזכו לחיי העולם הבא לפי שבאותן הימים תרבה הדעה והחכמה והאמת שנאמר כי מלאה הארץ דעה את ה' ונאמר ולא ילמדו איש את אחיו ואיש את רעהו ונאמר והסירותי את לב האבן מבשרכם מפני שאותו המלך שיעמוד מזרע דוד בעל חכמה יהיה יתר משלמה ונביא גדול הוא קרוב למשה רבינו ולפיכך ילמד כל העם ויורה אותם דרך ה' ויבואו כל הגוים לשומעו שנאמר והיה באחרית הימים נכון יהיה הר בית ה' בראש ההרים וסוף כל השכר כולו והטובה האחרונה שאין לה הפסק וגרעון הוא חיי העולם הבא אבל ימות המשיח הוא העולם הזה ועולם כמנהגו הולך אלא שהמלכות תחזור לישראל וכבר אמרו חכמים הראשונים אין בין העולם הזה לימות המשיח אלא שיעבוד מלכיות בלבד:

We look forward to Moshiach's days because we will be able to fulfill the will of Hashem better then, and that is what makes Hashem happy kavyochol.

But you are right, We need to do what we can now. מי שטרח בערב שבת יאכל בשבת

#3 shifpifer1



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Posted 17 April 2012 - 09:05 PM

Rabbi, are you named after that Polish Rav you mentioned above?

#4 Rabbi Shapiro

Rabbi Shapiro


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Posted 18 April 2012 - 07:27 AM

Almost. I am named after my grandfather, who was named after him. Rav Yaakov Yitzchok Shapiro of Blendev, son of Rav Chaim Meir Yechiel Shapiro of Moglinitz, was my great-great-great-grandfather.

#5 FS613



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Posted 21 March 2013 - 09:06 AM

L'Chvod Rabbi Shapiro, Shlita:


In addition to a Jew's learning Torah and doing Mitzvos,


what is the correct way, according to the Torah, for a Jew to await Moshiach?


Should he anticipate that Moshiach can come at any moment within the next 227 years (until the year 6000),


and pray that Hashem should send Moshiach now ?


Or should he pray to Hashem to send Moshiach when Hashem decides that the world is ready for Moshiach?


Thank you.

#6 Rabbi Shapiro

Rabbi Shapiro


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Posted 21 March 2013 - 02:49 PM

We already have our prayers for Moshiach written for us. It doesn't say "now." במהרה בימינו is the fastest we pray for.