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#1 Ziva613



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Posted 29 April 2012 - 06:46 PM

I saw an angel today walking among the men
With a funny little hat, and a long dark coat
He readily gave and willingly laughed
And made the children giggle
He took the hands of many a man
And greeted them
“Good Shabbos!”
Now this is an angel!
I told myself
Who walks among the men!
But oh my was I
Blushing when I did
Catch his blue eyes looking at me and a smile on his lips
My face felt hot and my figures shook
To be under his intense stare
And when I looked up into his face
His eyes caught me in their snare
And then I could see
He was playing with me
His eyes a gentle laugh
And I couldn’t help but smile back and share in this fun game
After all all I know is his lovely name
But even then
Let the game begin
This my friend
Is an angel
Who walks among the men

#2 Punims



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Posted 30 April 2012 - 12:22 AM

Is this that guy?!

#3 Ziva613



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Posted 30 April 2012 - 02:19 PM

Yes. Its a multi perspective poem. It can be viewed superficially and/or it can be viewed in a spiritual sense. Your choice. :)

#4 sims100



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Posted 16 May 2012 - 06:03 PM

I really really enjoyed this!!!! beautifully written and intriguing!!!

#5 Ziva613



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Posted 20 May 2012 - 12:13 PM


#6 ilavHashem



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Posted 06 June 2012 - 05:44 PM

its amazinggg
n super intrugueing
i cant get hus its talking abt
like a real angel
a cute guy
a rabbi
so lost
cus we dnt rlly see angels
cute guy doesnt really wear a long coat
n rabbi doesnt make you blush
so yal...... funcused