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Your Lashes And Mine

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Posted 15 June 2012 - 08:39 AM

Your Lashes.
Dark and thick
Your Eyes.
Void, yet pained

Listless stares,
No focus
Limp body
Crashing heart.

Deep eyes,
Endless depth,
Full of pain
And scalding tears

Curled up
In defense
Abused heart
In a body so tense

Oh...the tears
Spilled yet again
Oh...the hurt
The anguish and pain

Give me a vacuum
To drag out the pain
Let me dry out your eyes
Never let you hurt again

Fall into my arms
That are open to YOU
Cry and cry into my heart
Until the remaining hurt is few

Let your defenses fall aside
Make ME the place you hide
Let me shelter you some more
Till you forever feel secure

I love you way more
Than you probably realise
Just pls could u feel me
Always at your side

Your pain is mine
It really really is
My eyes cant stay dry
When yours are wet with tears

And so MY Lashes.
Dark and thick
Will protect eyes
Void, yet pained

This will go on
Until your last cry sounds
Cuz the thing I crave most
Is for YOUR happiness inside.