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Be Appreciative!

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Posted 25 August 2012 - 10:13 PM

I look around me
At all the normal people
Doing normal things
Going to work
Going out to eat
Having kids

And I wonder

To they take this for granted
That life for them is on a silver plate
They don’t have to work hard
It just comes naturally

I was like that once
Sure I thought I had problems
But they were mundane, petty little things
Problems that I wish for today

Sure I had warning signs
But I never took the time to analyze them
Thinking it was part of life
And in time they would fade

But my problems grew
And one day exploded
Before I knew it
All I saw was
I had crazy thoughts
I acted on impulses
To put it simply, I lost control

Now, I aim for normalcy
Yet my bundle of problems is glued to my shoulder
No matter how hard I try to shove it, it won’t budge
The sack ruins EVERYTHING
No longer can I enjoy a minute in my life

Now for everyone out there living life to its fullest
Attain the skill of gratification
Realize what you have now before it’s taken away!