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From This To That!

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#1 shopaholic7



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Posted 24 September 2012 - 04:10 PM

A few years ago I met someone who I really liked. When I knew him he was so nice frum.... Now recently he has done something TERRIBLE! I can't come to terms with it, I feel like it happened to me I can't sleep!!
Please help how can he go from this to that!

#2 Rabbi Shapiro

Rabbi Shapiro


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Posted 15 October 2012 - 08:53 PM

Well without knowing any more details it's not really possible to even guess - and even with details, if he would be the one asking that would be one thing, but he's not even asking.

So the first thing I'd need to know is whether you are in a position to do anything about his problem? If not, then Tefilah is your only option. If so, then please tell me what connection you have to him. Then we can look at what we have on the table available to us and we can see whether we can do anything with it.