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Spiritual Counterparts To Internet


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#1 AYidOnTheWayUp



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Posted 04 October 2012 - 04:42 PM

Bizman hazeh theres a very dangerous nisayon called the internet where one can instantly see all sorts of damaging pictures and videos. Where is the Zeh LeUmas ZehAsah Elokim? What do we have to counteract this?

#2 Rabbi Shapiro

Rabbi Shapiro


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Posted 17 October 2012 - 02:30 PM

כל מה דאסר לן שרי לן - anything He created that is prohibited also has a parallel thing that is permitted.

But it doesn't work the way you're thinking. It doesn't mean if Hashem created the internet He created some parallel equally enticing pocket electronic device, or something like that.

It means that Pritzus and Kefirah - which are the main pitfalls of the internet - have permitted channels as well. In other words, whatever the permitted alternative parallel to Pritzus and Kefirah was before the internet was invented still remain so afterwards.

One of the biggest weaknesses Klall Yisroel has nowadays is that they are not used to מסירת נפש - or even hard work - to avoid Aveiros. Instead, we have strived to create a "Jewish" version of everything the secular society has. While I understand the idea behind that, such behavior will backfire tremendously if there ever comes a Nisayon for which we cannot find a Jewish version, and we will have to rely on self-discipline. We are not used to giving up what we want, because we are not used to employing the self-control muscles that we need to say no to things like internet Nisyonos.

So no, there is no Kosher substitute for this particular Nisayon. Nobody said there would be. It takes simple self-control, and the attitude that we, as frum Jews, do not need everything that the secular world has. That includes Kosher versions thereof as well.

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