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One Last Safe Haven

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#1 luv2rebel



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Posted 06 October 2012 - 10:41 PM

The stress... The pain...
The worries... The strain...
The heartache and tears...
The memories and fears...

I give up my trust
in humans and their words.
Its all empty and vain
All you gain is pain.

Never open up
To someone's kind eyes,
Who knows if its real?
Its probably a disguise.

Distance yourself!
Don't let your guard down!
'i'll never leave' isn't true
Don't believe 'i care about you'

Hide yourself away,
Don't ever be sincere...
It just makes you vulnerable
As your former friends sneer.

You'll be loved, dealt with roughly,
And then tossed aside.
They'll be no safe refuge,
No person to hear you cry.

Perhaps there is one place
Just one last safe haven to try...
One i've stayed away from
For way too much time.

He knows. Everything.
No worries about where to start.
He sees it all so clearly,
My heavily scarred heart.

Its so obvious, so true,
its all from Him, right?
The biggest powers lie in His hands,
Only He can set it right.

He'll never judge or attack,
Make me feel ill and weak with guilt
He won't betray me or turn away,
He can't take it when i'm hurt.

He created me to be here,
Eventhough i can't bare to stay
He knows i'm good at heart
And that i didn't mean to stray.

He won't believe the gossip
He won't give me up so fast
Cummon, He created me
He knows me inside out.

I might as well let go,
Place my trust in His sturdy hands
He sure knows what He's doing,
He's got a master plan.

And whilst He directs me
Along my path in life,
I'll feel freer and content
And secure that Someone always cares.

#2 Role Model Wannabe

Role Model Wannabe


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Posted 22 October 2012 - 06:22 PM

Eventhough I don't absolutely love the beginning of this poem, i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! ;). I love your style and am so happy that you began posting again.
I missed you for a while!

#3 luv2rebel



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Posted 24 October 2012 - 07:06 PM

Hey!! Thx! :) :D yeah...well actually, when i started the poem, it wasn't menna end the way it did....so lucky u got the endin it did!! ;)