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I Remember When

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Posted 09 November 2012 - 09:45 AM

I remember the day
I asked you what it meant
When you'd embrace me for so long
And your grip would get so tight.

I remember your answer
Even though it wasn't spoken
Your eyes said it all
I am worthy, special, 1 in a million.

I remember the day
I was feeling so unsure
I asked you to rate my existence
I was totally ready to go...

I remember your embrace
And the answer you gave
I am number 1 on the list
And I should never think otherwise.

I remember the day
I planned on leaving
Stacks of pills and sharpened knives
And one foot out the door.

I won't forget the tears
That threatened to spill over
You meant it when you said
That you'd miss me forever.

Dear friend, your care is still there
I just need to find it
But you've hidden it so well this time
Eventho I need it so so badly.