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To Become A Butterfly...

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Posted 02 December 2012 - 09:40 AM

Hundreds of little catterpillars

Crawling on the ground,

Happily munching on leaves,

A complacent aura surrounds.


One curious little catterpillar

Wants to reach the sky,

So up the tree he begins to climb

And to the others he cries.


"Come join me on my journey,

Above are greater things.

We'll make it up together!"

He calls and chants and sings.


"There are tales of a magical room

Up high in that tree

One where we can transform and bloom

Just follow me you'll see!"


But climbing isn't easy,

Not all want to take that step, 

They stay behind and even mock him

So on his own he starts his trek.


Slowly, slowly, step by step

He thinks of all that awaits him,

Tries to drown out the laughter

Persevering though his face is grim.


His feet ache now,

He's tired, weary and in pain.

He begins to question his motives,

Can all these hardships be worth the gain?


As these questions cross him mind,

He sees the clouds in the distance,

"I can do it!" he shouts aloud

And puts on a brave countenance.


Finally reaching the top, he rests his legs,

All that work payed off!

Soon the life atop a tree leaves him bored

And so now our little caterpillar begins to explore.


Not too far away

He sees an awesome sight

It's that magical room he's heard of

It's the reason he's here, Right?


He inches close to take a peek

Yet what's inside alludes him.

"I've come so far," is what he thinks,

"It's worth the risk, I'm going in!"


Suddenly he's stuck inside,

Unable to take a breath,

He's suffocating, there's no magic!

And now he longs for death.


The pain so sharp, he wants to scream,

There's no way out in sight,,

He sighs and embraces his lot

He stops to fight.


He awakens feeling stiff,

Longing to stretch his wings, 

"WINGS?!? Can it be??" he shouts,

He's only dreamed of such things!


Now all that pain and work makes sense,

there is a Master Plan,

It was hard yet he persevered,

And now he can fly, he finally can!


Now the elated little butterfly

Can fly and reach the clouds,

No more munching on leaves for him

He's destined for so much more now.


The product of pain is growth

There's no promise is will be easy,

Yet the outcome is incomprehensible, 

I want to fly, I hope I'm ready!


Let's learn from our little friend

to take a leap into the unknown sometimes

to not always "go with the flow"

because we are destined for greater things!