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Stunningly Tired

depression fatigue help

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Posted 14 January 2013 - 12:33 AM

At present, I'm struggling with some pretty major issues such as:


1- I think I'm clinically depressed.

I don't remember ever really feeling happy, but the possibility of depression hit me just in the middle of last year. I realized I hit most qualifications on the nail. Then I aced some depression tests I took online so now it's kinda official. I'm considered a funny, friendly, "chilled" person though. I laugh a lot and have a lot of friends....And I'm not worried I'll kill myself though I desparately want to die. a) I'm scared of hell and B) I would never want my fam and friends to go through that insane greif.

So it's not like I fear for my safety. I'm just going crazy from sadness. It's like being stuck in a sticky, black abyss and seeing sun rays through some cracks and being afraid you will never get to see the actual sun ever again.


2- I'm a compulsive liar, and a good one. This scares the living daylights outta me. I don't even wanna type about it. Suffice it to say, it's got my innerds clawing at my skin.


3- Physically, I don't feel too great.  This has been going on for over a year. No one really knows about it. It could be cuz of # 1, so I'm not overly worried; it just makes daily life that much harder.


4- Family issues. These have existed from when  I was born. I don't even have patience getting into them. It's not abuse. But it's pretty messed up.


That's really it. There is no way I'm talking to anyone about these. I'm functioning relatively well. I've got friends, good grades, and a pretty good rep. There are people who like and/or respect me. I am  just very, very, very tired.


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Posted 24 January 2013 - 05:35 PM

Are you sure you dont want to talk about the family issues? we may be able to help.

Would it help you to get out side the house more? Or to do some sort of mentorship program?


And for compulsive lying


1 pick a time during which you will focus on what you say, and to tell the truth.


2 Think of something to say once you catch yourself in a lie, like "by a lot, of course, i mean...." etc


3 pick something to never lie about, something general, like food


4 try writing, of even just daydreaming


I had (have?) an issue blurting out things that at the moment i convinced myself was true, but wasnt. I came up with two rules. First, i prepare responses to any situation or question i may get nervous and end up doing this in. 2 If i say i'll do something, or am doing something, i have to do it unless there is a good reason not to. I applied this to any times i said something and changed my mind, but i wouldnt suggest going that far.


please update us