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Posted 14 February 2013 - 08:41 PM

Look into the mirror,
Gaze at your reflection
Stare into those eyes
Have a moment of introspection.

The pretty face you see,
Those deep brown eyes,
They are the windows to scenes
So endless in size.

Some scenes are filled with pain
With lots and lots of rain
Waters that freeze
And all life seems to cease.

There are scenes of bright sunshine,
Where exotic plants do thrive,
Scenes of magical moments
A burst of colours so alive.

All scenes are recorded,
Labeled and stored away
Can't be edited or removed
They are all here to stay.

These scenes are what make up
The reflection that you see
When you look into your eyes
And your gaze goes very deep.

The effects of the past,
Will always remain
The scenes our eyes have seen
Are imprinted onto our hearts.