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A Tear

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Posted 13 March 2013 - 12:34 PM

                        A Tear

A girl in the distance

Her eyes glistening like a diamond in the light

Her cheeks pink as roses

Lips as red as the blood flowing through her body.

As I look upon her I see a tear form

It slowly makes its way down her cheek

She wipes it away

She is crying

I don’t know her and yet I have this odd yearning to help her

I reach forward to comfort her

I start moving my legs

 But nothing happens

I keep trying

But fail

I am so frustrated

I want to help the silent girl

I scream

She turns only her head to look at me

I then look to see what she was gazing at before


A white empty room surrounds us

No one else

Only then do I take in my surroundings

The tears just started flowing

 To my surprise they were my own tears

As I cried I noticed the girl’s crying had intensified

She knew I couldn’t help her

Because I had not known

  I then realize

But how

This girl

This girl before me cannot see

I had not known

I had not known this girl

Was blind