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Skin Deep Beauty

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#1 luv2rebel



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Posted 19 March 2013 - 06:43 PM

Standing in the field,
Looking beautiful and strong,
That's what you see me as
What I've looked like for so long.

To all you people out there,
On the outskirts behind me,
I've seen and heard the whispers,
Yes I know that I am pretty.

But let me teach you one thing,
A golden rule you should know,
About beautiful eyes and a smile
Tanned skin and a little cute nose.

It's an oxymoron!!
What's inside is NEVER pretty
You'll find the pain and plenty tears
From abandonment over the years.

At one point it gets too much
The contradiction overflows
It must be set straight and settled
So that the entire world should know.

I'm hurting for so long,
Wanna cut my skin deep beauty away,
Express my pain so raw.

I'm gorgeous on the outside,
I'll finally admit that's true...
What I'm yearning for so so strong,
Is to feel precious on the inside too.

Is there nobody out there??
Not a single soul to trust??
One who will never ever walk away
And leave me here to rust...

I need someone to hold my hand,
Pick the shards from my wounds today...
Toss the troubles away into the wind,
And skip with me along my way...

As the glowing red sun sets,
It's reflection on my brunette hair,
I'm waiting for that day to come
When inside and outside will be one.

#2 ilavHashem



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Posted 27 March 2013 - 08:15 PM

This is a very powerful poem... I sincerely hope u find ur inner beauty
N i hope ull b able to accomplish this from within urself
But wen ur in pain its ok to reach out
We may not understand
But we want to be there for you
N we still think ur beautifull inside n out
(If these r feelings ur rlly experiancing try practical steps:
Before u go to bed each day think of one this good u did today
It could be tht u davened well tht day
Or smiled at someone
Even making ur bed... Cleaning ur room
Small things c
*when the world sees u, we KNOW ur beautifull inside and out!
Ur blinded by the layers of pain u hav felt... see ur wounds as battlescars to be proud of, u made it so far n u will make it further!*